Azerbaijan dance

Azerbaijan Dance introduction

   Azerbaijan dance introduction in writing is a great deal to discuss. Here’s a brief overview of the generalities of َ Azerbaijan national dances. Perhaps there are a handful of folk dances in the world that has been taken from the culture and traditions of a nation. Because this art of life expresses the lifestyle of a people, courage and warfare, myths and stories, and in a word represents the history of a nation. And accordingly the antiquity and history of each nation, revels the authenticity and civilization of the nation. A dance that has many to say, and in the whole, a dance that has the soul, can surely sit in the hearts of people and live with them for many years and become richer.

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The nature of Azeri dance

   Azeri Dance or ina Correct Dictation, Azerbaijan Dance is a clear example of all of the above definitions that is already known in the world and one person without a study of history of Azerbaijan can watch this beautiful art to follow through out the details, moral  and how people lived in Azerbaijan. Because in Azeri dances you can see the love and passion (dance of Naz eleme, Bulagh Bashi and Sari Galin), warriors and morosity (dance of Qaytaghi-Qazaqi), the realities and myths that peopletell to their children legendaries like (Kor oglu, Gachag Nabi), the majesty of Khan  (dance Khan choban), and tens of others.
Now Azeri dance with Azerbaijan music has become a national wealth, such that are being taught in North Azarbaijan universities, and graduates of this field are considered as valued dancers and valuable people who bring a lot of history and national wealth, which is a heavy responsibility they make it. And these young and creative people are on the path to evolving this asset every day, creating newer movements and beautiful cartoons.

رقص آذری-رقص ترکی-آموزش در تهران 09141025954-آموزش رقص آذری در تهران-Azerbaijan dance 989141025954
آموزش رقص آذری در تهران-Azerbaijan dance 989141025954


Azerbaijan Dance category

   If we want to divide this art into two general categories, we must say that male dance and female dance include the best and most categorized. The Azeri dance of  women also varies according to the music that is played to the 3*4 female dance categories, 6*8 and 2*4. And for men as well, 6*8, 6*16, 2*4, 4*4. Other Azeri dance divisions, which can be called Duet Dances, Comic Dances, Combined men and women dances dances and War-show dances.  In these dances, you can often see both men and women dancing together. In a different subset of the coding, we can divide in terms of places like: Qazghit Qitaqit Shaki, and …. Dances come from the names of humans such as: Kuroglu, Qouchali, Gachag nabi and … Dances related to events such as Haley dance, War-show dance and Zurkhaneh. Dances of the numbers: 101, 14 grades, 2 grades… nature-inspired dances: Banafsheh, Hayva Guli, Qizlar Bulaqi, and dance of objects. Apart from these definitions and introductions, Couple dances: Naz eleme, Uzun dere, Jangi, Daglar gozeli, Qiz Ughuralamassi


رقص آذری-رقص ترکی-آموزش در تهران 09141025954-Azerbaijan dance-989141025954
رقص آذری-رقص ترکی-آموزش در تهران 09141025954
Azerbaijan dance-989141025954

Azeri dance of each male and female can include other names and divisions. Some examples are listed below:

 -Men’s Azeri Dance: Kechmemesy – Gachag Nabi – Khan Chaban – Sheki Dance – Jeirani – Zorkhaneh Dance – Qouchali – Qaytaghi – Qazaqi – Koroglu and

Female Dances: Sari Glin – Nalbaki – Tareh Kama – Uzun dere- Nabat Khanim – Och numrele – Kizlar Dance and ….

And there are some dances that the real time of its shaping is unknown, since they are very ancient and old.

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